Genkinger, Inc.

Lifting Trolley HR25

The lifting trolley HR 25 is small, easy to handle, robust and powerful. Due to its loading capacity of 2500 kg, the lifting trolley can transport batch transport trucks weighing up to 5000 kg.

In contrast to mechanical lifting trolleys, very safe lifting and lowering operations can be performed with this device, since no catapult effect of the drawbar can occur.
There is a wide range of applications for this trolley, e.g. also for wheeled plates and transport frames.
A version which can perform fast lifting movements and having a loading capacity of 1800 kg (HR 18) is designed for loads up to 3500 kg.
An optional locking brake ensures increased safety in case of uneven ground.
The spherical head diameter and the lifting range of the spherical head can be adapted to the individual requirements.


  • High loading capacity
  • Large, smoothly running PU wheels directly under the load. Thus, the vehicle can easily turn on the spot.
  • Robust hydraulic system
  • Replaceable spherical head

Data required in case of inquiry/order

  • Max. lift load: 1800 kg or 2500 kg
  • Height of the spherical cup
  • Desired spherical head diameter

suitable also for wheeled plates

another typical application for A-frames with wet batches