Genkinger, Inc.

Electric Tractor EGS10

The electric tractor EGS 10 has a lifting force of 10 000 N and can, for example, lift and tow batch trolleys / A-frames up to 2000 kg.

It is equipped with a collision protection device on the driving part and behind the running wheels, since it is often used under rough conditions.
The waisted carriage allows a very large steering angle. This is particularly advantageous during manoeuvring operations for positioning the trailers.
The lifting range of the spherical head and the spherical head diameter can be tailor-made to suit the individual customer's requirements.
Suitable spherical cups to be welded on are available.
With an optionally available towing attachment, EGS10 is also suitable for towing trailers.


  • Large steering angle
  • Collision protection
  • High battery capacity for a long service time
  • AC control for optimal energy utilization

Data required in case of inquiry/order

  • Connection dimensions of the trolley to be towed
  • Height of the spherical cup
  • Desired spherical head diameter
  • Transport routes and frequency

lifting and moving wheeld plates

lifting, trailing and moving A-frames

EGS with 2000 kg carrying capacity; with power steering

EGS with a trailing load of 16000 kg