Genkinger, Inc.

Electric Warp Beam Low Lift Truck with Cross Seat KEFU30

For the transport of warp beams, batches and other rolls

This warp beam transporter with a loading capacity of 3000 kg is especially advantageous for large transport volumes and longer transport routes.
It impresses with its driving comfort which allows fatigue-free working, even over long distances and in continuous operation.
Continuous operation is possible due to the optional battery exchange system.
The good all-round visibility in connection with the powerful drive unit with three-phase AC technology allows a safe operation, even when driving uphill. It goes without saying that the vehicle can also be used for the transport of batches.
The load diameter range and the fork length of the truck can be adapted.


  • High driving speed up to 11 km/h
  • Flexible driver seat for tall and small persons
  • Comfortable handling due to ergonomically favourable design in many details

Data required in case of inquiry/order

  • Max. load weight
  • Min. and max. diameter
  • Roll length


Transport of the batch from the weaving machine to the batch store

Batch transport

Warp beam transport through the weaving mill

Warp beam transport from the storage rack to the drawing-in department