Genkinger, Inc.

Manual Warp Beam Lift Truck KHR20...30 (M)

For inserting full warp beams or two half warp beams, with a central support arm

Warp beam lift truck for inserting heavy warp beams weighing up to 3000 kg in weaving machines.
The carriage, which is equipped with oscillatingly suspended double wheels from a loading capacity of 2500 kg, is very gentle to the floor, since the load is really distributed to both wheels. Thus, the wheels are not overburdened while driving on uneven ground.
Long vehicles can be independently steered by two persons so that an optimal driving operation is ensured in curves, even in restricted spaces. If the vehicle is driven by one person, the opposite drawbar can be fixed in a straight-ahead driving position.
If a patented central support arm (M) is used, half warp beams can be jointly exchanged. For this purpose, central support arms especially adapted to the relevant weaving machine type are available.


  • Smooth-running carriage which is gentle to the floor
  • Even very long vehicles can drive well in curves
  • Optimal vehicle operation

Data required in case of inquiry/order

  • Min./max. warp beam diameter
  • Warp beam tube diameter
  • Weaving machine type
  • Nominal width of the weaving machine

warper beam transport from a sectional warping machine