Genkinger, Inc.

Motor-Driven Warp Beam Lift Truck EE-KHUR OR GEV

With tube grippers for inserting drawn-in double warp beams in weaving machines

Very agile QSC vehicle which is operated by one person and which has a loading capacity of 1500 kg for the lower warp beam and 600 kg for the upper warp beam.
The drawn-in double warp is taken over by the storage truck TLS U O.
The harness is accommodated either by the "Stäubli-UNIPORT" method (not included in our scope of supply) or by the standard take-up for the harness frames and the contact rails and dividing rails or the complete warp stop motion.
Since the “legs” of truck do not have to go round the weaving machine, it is suitable for different weaving machine types.
This vehicle is hardly longer than the warp beam and allows turning on the spot. Therefore it can be easily handled in narrow aisles.


  • Suitable for sensitive warp material
  • Short design
  • Independent of weaving machine dimensions where the “legs” of the transport truck have to go round
  • One-person operation

Data required in case of inquiry/order

  • Weaving machine type
  • Nominal width of the weaving machine
  • Min. and max. lower warp beam diameter
  • Min. and max. upper warp beam diameter
  • Warp beam tube diameter
  • Number of harness frames

the double warp is changed by only one person

option with operator's platform

easy mounting of the harness frames

narrow transport position for tight warp aisles