Genkinger, Inc.

Transport and Storage Truck TLS 20...30 (M) for the Drawing-in Department

This storage truck is especially suitable for the interim storage of drawn-in warps.
It compensates the drawing-in performance of the drawing-in department and is suitable for holding ready drawn-in designs for style change.
These aspects and the number of warps involved in the drawing-in process form the basis for the number of storage trucks required for the company.
Due to the well-organized storage of the harness and the warp beam, standstill periods and repair expenditures caused by warp thread breakage are avoided.
The vehicle can be used in a broad drawing-in and machine width range due to its telescopic ability.
For half warp beams (M), a central take-up with divided support rollers is used. In this way, both half warp beams can be turned independently from another.
2 versions are available:
- with interface for UNI-PORT for automatic drawing-in systems (UNI-PORT itself is not part of the scope of supply of Genkinger-HUBTEX)
- with stand-up harness carrier for semi-automatic drawing-in systems and for storing the warp during the manual drawing-in operation and for accommodating the harness afterwards.
For two-beam warps, another warp beam holding carrier is coupled (TLS U20 O20)


  • Warp beam can be easily rotated and blocked
  • Independent of the warp beam version
  • Can be used for a broad machine width range

Data required in case of inquiry/order

  • Max. warp beam weight
  • Machine width
  • Drawing-in method / drawing-in machine type

intermediate store for drawn-in warps

take-up of the complete warp stop-motion at the yarn carrying tube

TLS with a sensitive warp during drawing-in in the automatic drawing-in installation

TLS with a sensitive warp and harness storage on a UNI-PORT system

TLS with UNI-PORT ready for take over by a motorized style change truck EE-KHUR GEV

harness with a drawn-in cotton warp on a standing harness take-up