Genkinger, Inc.

Manual Fabric Beam Lift Truck WB3

With cradle for removing fabric beams from weaving machines

This transport truck with a loading capacity of 300 kg can be easily operated and can also be handled in very narrow aisles.
The device can be operated from both sides, since the operating drawbar can be swivelled to both sides.
The infinitely variable pumping force adjusts itself to the weight of the fabric roll.
The guide wheel moves automatically with the lifting movement.
In narrow aisles, it is particularly important that the truck runs exactly straight ahead due to its track wheel.


  • A vehicle which can be easily moved
  • The device can be operated from both sides
  • Infinitely variable, load-dependent lifting movement

Data required in case of inquiry/order

  • Max. fabric beam diameter

unloading the fabric beam out of the weaving machine

WB 3 at a circular knitting machine