Genkinger, Inc.

Manual Warp Beam High Lift Truck WHR5

For inserting warp beams in ribbon weaving machines

The ideal vehicle for the warp beam change in narrow weaving machines with high warp let-off motion.
Due to the different warp beam take-up possibilities, most different warp beams and warp beam bearings can be handled.
The take-up devices are available in the following versions:
- tube grippers
- cradle
- support tubes
- grippers for the warp beam flange
Due to its central guide wheel, the vehicle can be very easily moved and driven around bends. Thus, exact directional stability is achieved, which is very important for driving in narrow aisles.


  • Smooth running due to large wheels
  • Ergonomically favourable lifting hydraulics
  • Guide wheel, can be comfortably operated with the foot
  • Variable warp beam take-up possibilities

Data required in case of inquiry/order

  • Warp beam diameter
  • Highest storing height
  • Warp beam dimensions and dimensions of the warp let-off motion
  • Warp beam weight

supporting tubes for warp beams which cannot be taken up at the tube or journal adaptor

warp beam take-up at the warp beam tube

cradle for take-up at the warp beam flange or at the warp yarn

tube grippers for small journal adaptor diameters