Genkinger, Inc.

Multidirectional Sideloader ML

With electric drive for the handling of warp beams and batches with loading capacities from 1500 kg to 5000 kg

This vehicle is especially suitable for the universal application in the transport of very broad and very heavy warp beams. It is also suitable for the transport of batches and for high storage racks for warp beams and batches.
An advantage is the free movability in the indoor and outdoor area which is also ensured on uneven ground, due to the two-piece, oscillating carriage.
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  • For indoor and outdoor applications
  • Rail guidance or inductive guidance in narrow storage rack aisles
  • Multidirectional steering for optimal manoeuvrability
  • Reduced energy and maintenance costs
  • Low wheel arm height for optimized utilization of the lower storage rack areas
  • Camera system in the tube grippers


  • Machine width
  • Max. warp beam or batch diameter
  • Take-up diameter
  • Required lifting height

driving out of the shelf row into the turning aisle

batch handling in the storage rack

mounting the warp beam into the storage rack

mounting heavy upper beams into the weaving machine

rail-guided travelling out of the storage rack