Genkinger, Inc.

Manual Warp Beam High Lift Truck KHHT12

With carrying hook for inserting upper warp beams

A manually steered warp beam high lift truck with a loading capacity of 1200 kg for inserting upper warp beams up to 1000 mm diameter.
Due to its large wheels and its low own weight, the vehicle can be easily moved.
The lifting movement and the lowering operation are performed by means of a mains-powered hydraulic power unit with manually operated valve.
The warp beam can be picked up from the floor and can be inserted in a narrow transport position. The carrying hooks for the warp beam are secured in safety catches there.
Driving the vehicle through aisles is facilitated, even if only one person operates the vehicle, by means of the steering drawbars and pushbars on both sides which are provided with coupled steering.
A version with additional lifting device for lower warp beams allows the use of the vehicle as all-purpose device.


  • Low own weight, since the stability is guaranteed by the carriage width
  • Smooth running due to the low own weight and large wheels
  • Easy to drive and easy to manoeuvre due to the coupled steering

Data required in case of inquiry/order

  • Weaving machine type
  • Machine width
  • Warp beam diameter
  • Warp beam tube diameter
  • Storing height in the weaving machine

transport by only one person