Genkinger, Inc.

Motor-Driven High Lift Truck EGPLR16...25

With tube grippers for loading storage racks with warp beams and fabric rolls

High lift truck for many fields of application which can even cope with very uneven ground due to its articulated drive suspension by means of a "king pin".
The vehicle can be adapted to a wide range of requirements in many different ways.
For this purpose, Genkinger-HUBTEX uses the company's extensive modular system.
Depending on the lifting height, either a single mast or a telescopic mast or a triple mast with or without free lift is used.
The grippers can be adjusted manually or hydraulically. A swivel lift of the grippers is advantageous in many cases.
The steered wheel is hydraulically redirected. Even 360° reversing is possible so that any driving direction can be adjusted.
Driving modules with different performance in AC technology and with power steering can be chosen.


  • The load can be picked up from and deposited on the ground between the carriage.
  • Good adaptability to the lifting requirements
  • Large loading capacity range
  • Energy-saving method of driving
  • High cost effectiveness

Data required in case of inquiry/order

  • Warp beam / roll diameter
  • Core diameter
  • Roll length
  • Required lifting height
  • Frequency of use