Genkinger, Inc.

The Cradle Transport Truck GM 20 or GM 30

for big batches, with a loading capacity of 2000 or 3000 kg, is used for rolling over safely and transporting the batch from the ascending batch winder to the batch storage.

The transport is performed manually by means of the hand drawbar or by means of the electric tractor EGS with exchangeable drawbar.
By means of a special roll-over flap position, the batch can be rolled off in the batch storage.
Apart from the available standard lengths of 1500 mm and 2200 mm, the cradle length can be adapted to the relevant batch length.


  • The batch is safely rolled over from the batch winder
  • Safe transport due to locking roll-over flap
  • The truck can be towed by an electric tractor

Data required in case of inquiry/order

  • Max. batch weight
  • Max. batch diameter
  • Machine width
  • Batch winder dimensions

manual transport by pushing at the batch