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Warp Beam Truck: KHW-TEF-III-K/2000


Capacity: 2000kg/4400lbs; Cradle dia. 1000mm; for weaving machines with reed width 190cm.



- Can also be equipped with gripper arms.

- Can also be used for “other” roll transportation for example cloth rolls.



Warp Beam Truck: KHW-TESF-III-L/2000



Capacity: 200kg/4400lbs; for weaving machines with reed width up to 390cm(can be shortened) and warp beam diameter up to 1000mm.





Doff Truck, WHW/DL

Designed for cloth roll up to dia. 500mm/19,5” and weight capacity 400kg/880lbs

Our offered used equipment will be completely overhauled and comes
with 3 month warranty on parts.

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