Genkinger, Inc.

Electric Tractors EGS 40 and EGS 70

The electric tractors EGS 40 and EGS 70 are suitable for trailing loads up to 4000 kg and 7000 kg. These loads are mainly used in the wet area of dyeing plants.

The vehicles have a lifting force of 2000kg or 4000 kg.
The vehicles are either used as pedestrian trucks for short transport routes and for manoeuvring, or as rider-seated trucks for longer transport distances.
The solid frame construction and the robust travelling mechanism guarantee durability under rough operating conditions.
Special versions up to 15000 kg trailing load can be realized.
There is a wide range of applications for this vehicle, e.g. for the transport of A-frames, wheeled plates, transport frames or fabric beam storage trucks.
It can also be used as tractor with a height-adjustable hook-up feature for different drawbars.
Modified versions are available for many applications.


  • Especially robust design
  • Can be used as combined pedestrian truck and rider-seated truck
  • As tractor for trailers with drawbars
  • As tractor for lifting and towing
  • Cost-effective and ergonomic transport with a broad range of applications
  • The shaped driver's seat provides lateral support to the driver

Data required in case of inquiry/order

  • Connection dimensions of the trolley to be towed
  • Height of the spherical cup
  • Desired spherical head diameter
  • Transport routes and frequency

EGS with special coupling for fabric beam storage and transport truck

large angle of lock when moving a wheeled plate

hearty application of an EGS 70

trailing a batch transport truck

tractor with the use of a drawbar

transport of a heavy A-frame