Genkinger, Inc.

Sectional Beam Assembling Rack TM /TMD

The sectional beam assembling rack TM as well as its rotatable version TMD is, with a loading capacity of up to 2500 kg, an important tool for the preparation of the warp beams for inserting them in knitting machines.

Due to the solid supporting structures, the deflection is so low that the warp beam tubes can be easily pushed through the sectional beams.
In case of version TMD, the sectional beams are rotatably mounted by ball bearings for their alignment, and they can also be pushed together.
The racks are moved to the knitting machine by a hydraulic lifting trolley HR 25 or an electric tractor EGS.


  • The warp beams can be exactly aligned
  • Flexible with regard to the machine width and the number of sectional beams
  • Suitable for the transport trucks HR 25 and EGS and for
  • Genkinger-HUBTEX warp knitting high lift trucks

Data required in case of inquiry/order

  • Warp beam diameter
  • Working width
  • Number of sectional beams