Genkinger, Inc.

Warp Knitting High Lift Truck EE-WH 20...30...40

With the motor-driven warp knitting high lift truck EE-WH20...30...40, pre-assembled warp beams weighing between 2000 kg and 4000 kg are picked with belts or tube grippers from the assembling rack TM or TMD and are mounted in the knitting machines.

The high lift truck is moved by an electric drive to the knitting machine. The device is very agile and its transport width, with the load being swivelled in, is correspondingly narrow so that the vehicle can optimally move between the knitting machines.
Warp beams positioned one over the other are inserted by means of attachable grippers instead of belts.
 With the articulated arm system, the warp beam can be swivelled from the transport position to the mounting position, even if space is restricted. Thus, a long reach above the knitting machines is covered.
The loads are moved sensitively, in accordance with the requirements of the warp beam mounting operation.
The warp beam can be precisely positioned by means of a side shift device.
A variant is the version which only operates with tube grippers (EE-WHR).


  • Direct transport from the warehouse or the weaving preparation area to the knitting machine, without having to handle the warp beams in between
  • Articulated arm system for a broad range of action during the warp beam mounting operation
  • Operations can be optionally performed with belts or with gripper technology
  • Narrow transport position

Data required in case of inquiry/order

  • Warp beam diameter
  • Knitting machine manufacturer and type

truck with very large overhang

warp beam mounting by means of tube grippers

the warp beam can be well and safely manipulated at the mounting place by means of a remote control

transport is well possible also in a narrow aisle