Genkinger, Inc.

Motor-Driven Warp Beam High Lift Truck EE-KHHG 15

For inserting the warp beams in knitting machines and Raschel machines

This motor-driven high lift truck with a loading capacity of 1500 kg is an all-purpose device for many fields of application, due to its modular design.
This truck is mainly used for inserting sectional beams in knitting machines.
The flexibility of this design particularly refers to the gripper adjustment range, the telescopically adjustable gripper length depending on the warp beam positions and the lifting height.
Customer-specific adjustments can be made to a large extent.
The vehicle can also be used in restricted spaces due to its short design.
Polyurethane running wheels mounted one behind the other in an oscillating manner lead to low ground contact pressure with high stability. Telescopic supporting rollers with safety control ensure a safe operation.


  • Universal fields of application
  • Compact design
  • Clear arrangement of the operating elements

Data required in case of inquiry/order

  • Warp beam diameter
  • Machine width and/or rolle length
  • Dimension sheet of the knitting machine with the warp beam positions

extended lifting height at a truck with single mast

warp beam in transport position

warp beam swivelled out forwards

take-up of the warp beam from the floor