Genkinger, Inc.

Motor-Driven Warp Beam Low Lift Truck KEGU

For the transport of warp beams, batches and other rolls

This vehicle is designed for the easy transport of warper’s beams and warp beams weighing up to 3000 kg and is also suitable for longer distances, e.g. from the warping frame to the warping machine or to the warehouse.
Depending on the warp beam length and the warp beam diameter, this vehicle is also able to cope with gradients while transporting load.
The sensitive driving and braking motions make it an uncomplicated transporter.
The central drive allows a good traction, and the spring-loaded support wheels ensure good and safe driving characteristics.
It goes without saying that the vehicle can also be used for the transport of fabric rolls.
A version with driver's platform is optionally available. It is recommended for longer transport routes and can be folded up for minor steering manoeuvres and in restricted spaces.
Versions for larger diameters and weights can be individually realized.


  • Strong, robust travelling mechanism
  • Well-proven hydraulic components
  • Polyurethane running wheels cushion the vehicle while driving on a rough roadway surface
  • Solid prismatic supports
  • Rounded insertion tips avoid damage to the yarn

Data required in case of inquiry/order

  • Min. and max. warp beam flange diameter
  • Max. warp beam flange distance
  • Max. warp beam tube length
  • Max. weight

the warper beam is taken up at the warping machine

the warper beam is put down in front of the sizing machine