Genkinger, Inc.

Motor-Driven Electric Fourway Sideloader EE-GYR

Fourway sideloader with electric drive with a loading capacity of 2500 kg
This warp beam high lift truck is especially suitable for the exchange of pile warp beams in terry weaving machines.
The vehicle is also suitable for the exchange of lower warp beams provided that the aisle width is sufficient.
The vehicle is adapted to the relevant warp beam length, the warp beam diameter and the warp beam tube diameter.
For the use in warp beam storage racks and batch storage racks, the vehicle can be equipped with a telescopic mast and with rail guidance rollers in the case of narrow aisles.
Universally suitable for the transport of batches
Safety support feet ensure a high safety against overturning, even if the load is in an extended position.
Alternatively available with single mast for lifting heights up to approximately 2.5 m and telescopic masts for lifting heights up to 6 m.
The short design and the narrow transport width allow driving in narrow aisles.


  • Compact design
  • Narrow transport width
  • Perfect load handling due to reach mast system
  • High lifting capacity due to 48V system

Data required in case of inquiry/order

  • Weaving machine type
  • Machine width
  • Min./max. warp beam diameter
  • Warp beam tube diameter

loading warp beam stationary storage racks

by means of a special adapter also the harness can be changed

precise mounting of the heavy pile beams into the terry weaving machine thanks to the pushing motion of the mast

Special application with precise loading system. Here the infinitely variable control system of the load mouvements is very advantegous.