Genkinger, Inc.

Manual Fabric Beam High Lift Truck WHM

The manual fabric beam high lift truck WHM with a loading capacity of 500 kg is mostly used in warp knitting for removing fabric beams from the batch winder. The fabric beams can be rolled off onto the work tables at standard lifting height.

Versions with fold-down cradle make it easier to roll off the fabric beam.
The device is very agile and moves exactly straight ahead and easily through curves, due to its guide wheel.
There is a wide range of applications for this vehicle which can be used for all sorts of rolls, e.g. foil and non-woven material rolls, carpet rolls, floor coverings and in the clothing industry.
Specific adaptations, for example of the cradle diameter, the cradle length or the lifting range, are often required and can be ordered.
A battery-operated version with integrated charging device is optionally available.


  • Good handling properties during the driving and lifting operation
  • Easy manoeuvrability in all directions
  • Reduction of pressure marks due to the adapted cradle length


  • Roll diameter
  • Desired cradle length
  • Depositing height
  • With/without roll-over flap

execution with a telescopic mast for lifting to a large height

execution with a special low carriage

unloading the batch from a batching motion