Genkinger, Inc.

Electric Pedestrian-Controlled Pallet Stacker model EGV 20-50

Loading capacity from 2000 kg to 5000 kg

Our electric pedestrian-controlled pallet stackers have proved their worth in the toughest applications over a long period of time. They are flexible in application, very robust, safe, manoeuvrable and easy to operate. The power steering installed as a standard feature allows for easy manoeuvring.
With the integrated articulated drive, the load distribution is optimized and an improved traction is achieved on uneven ground.
Apart from a large number of options which are available pre engineered, Genkinger-HUBTEX industrial trucks can also be customized to meet specific requirements with regard to the load pickup device, chassis, lifting height etc.

  • uncompromisingly solid
  • robust design
  • powerful
  • cost-effective and efficient
  • Flexible specification