Genkinger, Inc.

Electric Low-Lift Pallet Truck model EGU

Loading capacity from 2000 kg to 8000 kg

Genkinger-HUBTEX offers you the right truck for every need.
Our industrial trucks have proved their worth over a long period of time, whether for lighter loads upto 2000 kg or for toughest applications up to 8000 kg. Pure pedestrian-controlled industrial trucks are suitable for short distances and, for example, in narrow truck trailers. For longer distances we recommend you to use a driver's platform.

Especially suitable for medium and tough applications

  • uncompromisingly solid
  • robust design
  • powerful
  • cost-effective and efficient

With special extension for lifting up cars

Tandem running wheels in polyurethane

Low lift truck with long forks

Low lift truck in special varnishing

Low lift truck with special forks

Low lift truck with platform

Electric low lift truck

Low lift truck with prism forks for the transport of rolls

Low lift truck with long forks